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Programming .NET Components ebook

Programming .NET Components ebook

Programming .NET Components by Juval Lowy

Programming .NET Components

Download Programming .NET Components

Programming .NET Components Juval Lowy ebook
Publisher: Oreily
ISBN: 0596003471, 9780596003470
Format: pdf
Page: 18

Lutz Roeder's Programming.NET C# .NET VB .NET CLR "Reflector is a class browser, decompiler and XML documentation browser for .NET components (assemblies). Most books on object oriented programming go into the basics of encapsulation, polymorphism and inheritance. NET so it works on any operating system. Components reduce our application development time and they assemble our application source files into one executable unit. NET programming than anything else. A component is a unit of reusable code. It enables Tuxedo customers to write Tuxedo clients and servers in C# or any other programming language targetting the .NET CLR. Assemblies are building blocks of a .net application. Are You a Zen Coder or Distraction-Junkie? To being with, you will work directly with classes and objects rather than through the COM interfaces. Component Owl codes Better ListView control all night so you don't have to. NET WebForms and have created a component with programming model and APIs very similar to what ASP.NET developers are used to – asp:GridView, asp:DataGrid, etc. Owl's Blog on .NET development. A new piece of software lowers the bar to home automation by simplifying the process of programming the Raspberry Pi.

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