Afro-Cuban Bass Grooves book download

Afro-Cuban Bass Grooves book download

Afro-Cuban Bass Grooves by Manny Patino, Jorge Moreno

Afro-Cuban Bass Grooves

Afro-Cuban Bass Grooves ebook

Afro-Cuban Bass Grooves Manny Patino, Jorge Moreno ebook
Page: 98
Publisher: Warner Bros
ISBN: 1576239101, 9781576239100
Format: pdf

I compared it with at least two similar books: Alfred Mastertracks: Latin by Steve Hougton and Tom Warrington and the `Salsa guidebook for piano & ensemble' by Rebecca Mauleo'n. Afro-Cuban Slap Bass Lines Afro-Cuban rhythms are hot, and the bass is the beating heart of the groove! Manual de bajo - ritmos latino. Instructional methods for bass guitar. Slap Bass Instruction |! Manny Patiño & Jorge Moreno - Afro-Cuban Bass Grooves. I've seen this book in the local book shop. Afro-Cuban Slap Bass Lines is published by Berklee Press and is part of their Workshop. Since all swing comes from Afro-Cuban, introducing or re-introducing the Afro-Cuban 6/8 feel can lock in that groove for anything from “Lil' Darlin'” to “Shiny Stockings.” If you're reading this and are surprised to hear that all swing comes from . AFRO-CUBAN BASS GROOVES This Alfred Publishing title has been available for awhile, but is a new addition to us here. Aqui encontraras una gran variedad de ritmos de musica afro caribeña, este material comprende de un libro en pdf y un cd de audio que servira de apoyo. Using surdos to create heavy dance bass lines, snares, tamborims, bells and hand drums to create interweaving beats, and cleverly arranged percussion bridges to create that all important tension and release, this course will More about us: Global Grooves offers high-quality specialist training in inspirational international performance arts: Music and Dance; Brazilian, Afro-Cuban, West African, and South Asian drumming, dance, and song, photography and art. Fretted Instrument-Methods/Suppleme. Afro-Cuban Bass Grooves This book will help you unlock the secrets of the Afro-Cuban rhythmic feel for bass. Mature rhythm sections feel these 6/8 patterns as the underlying groove between the quarter notes of a walking-bass line or a swing ride-cymbal pattern. Download (Audio) · Download (PDF).

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